The latest major iOS updates have had as their central focus the adaptation of all the changes required by the European Union to comply with the Digital Markets Law (LMD). In fact, the next step for the European Union has been to demand the same changes but with iPadOS, the operating system for Apple's iPads. One of all the changes was to allow third-party app stores and Microsoft will launch its own web store for iOS in July. A store that will include only its applications in the first phase and, later, open up to other developers to upload their applications and games, therefore being a real alternative to the App Store.

The Microsoft app store arrives in July thanks to the LMD

The first major alternative application store arrived on iOS a few weeks ago with all the news related to the LMD. This is Altstore and in iPhone News we have already talked to you about it on several occasions. Also remember that Apple allows developers to offer their applications through their websites, as well as in alternative stores. And all of this always in the European Union and not in the rest of the world, since all these changes are aimed at complying with this European law.

App Store and the European Union

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These are the requirements so that developers can offer their apps on their websites

Microsoft confirmed last December that they were already working on an application store where they could offer all their games, being a real alternative to the App Store. A few hours ago, Bloomberg published on its website that internal Microsoft sources They confirmed the arrival of the app store for the month of July. This store will be based on browser, and not so much an application, and will start offering all Microsoft games, such as Candy Crush Saga.

We will see what the implementation of this new way of installing applications will be and if Microsoft manages to capture the attention of iOS users and very soon iPadOS users. Some users have to change their habits and leave the App Store aside, to delve into other routines to install their favorite apps or games to discover.