Ming-Chi Kuo thinks Apple’s mixed reality headset will arrive in the fall

Apple’s mixed reality glasses are closer than ever. What could be one of the biggest (and most expensive) devices will finally arrive in 2023 and the work of many years will come to light. Nothing is official, far from it, but analysts and reports do nothing more than shed some light on this sea of ​​doubts. On this occasion, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assures that mixed reality glasses will arrive throughout the fall because Apple has had some problems with the development of realityOS as well as with the drop tests of the glasses.

Problems with the drop test and realityOS would be delaying the launch of the mixed reality glasses

A few days ago, a medium reported the possibility that these mixed reality glasses (augmented and virtual reality) could require the use of AirPods Pro with H2 chip with the aim of improving user privacy. This was because the prototype headphones let out too much audio and could be heard by other people near the device.

However, last week’s report predicted the release during 2023. Today we have new information coming from Ming-Chi Kuo, the well-known analyst whose many Apple predictions have come true, who has posted a series of tweets on his twitter account.

Apple Prototype Mixed Reality Glasses

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Mixed reality glasses could require the use of AirPods Pro with H2 chip

In them he comments that Apple has had a couple of hiccups with the development of the glasses. On the one hand, software engineers would be finalizing realityOS, the operating system that the glasses would use, with development tools and SDKs to allow developers to create tools for the operating system. On the other hand, and slightly more important, is that they have detected some errors in the drop tests of the glasses so Apple would want to fix the structure of the device before its launch and mass production.

As a result of this, Apple will proceed to postpone the official launch of the glasses to the end of 2023 instead of the beginning, with the aim of solving all the errors found. Therefore, the glasses will arrive via a special event most likely post-WWDC and post-keynote of the iPhone to present all this technology.