Mixed reality glasses could require the use of AirPods Pro with H2 chip

Virtual and augmented reality glasses, mixed reality, are being one of Apple’s longest projects. We have been hearing for years about possible glasses that will produce the complete immersion of the user in an operating system whose name is still unknown. However, expert voices assure that This product will be released throughout 2023. In addition, there is more information about its technical components and it is that Apple could force the user to use the latest generation AirPods Pro with H2 chip to enhance experience and enhance privacy. We tell you.

The project comes to an end and the mixed reality glasses will arrive in 2023

The concept of mixed reality It is an element that is growing exponentially in recent years. It is a combination of two technologies: virtual reality and augmented reality. Remember that in the first case it is a complete digital world generated autonomously that we access through special devices. In the case of augmented reality, it is the very elements with which we connect that interact with the environment. Therefore, Apple’s mixed reality glasses will allow the user to integrate into a digital world with interaction with the real world, all this through his own glasses.

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The medium The Information has published an extensive report about the technical characteristics that the mixed reality glasses will have. The first question that strikes us is that Apple could require the use of the latest generation AirPods Pro, with H2 chip, for the complete and efficient use of the glasses. Through the report it is exposed that the glasses themselves have headphones but the audio emitted can be heard by outsiders. Therefore, for privacy reasons, it would be necessary to use low latency headphones, as are the AirPods Pro 2.

The extensive report comments that it could only be these headphones because the H2 chip has a low latency system integrated that would allow audio and video synchronization within the glasses themselves. Apple is likely to take advantage of the launch of its glasses for an update to these Pro headphones and its third generation.

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Other technical elements that will give life to the glasses

The glasses will have 4K micro-LED screens for each eye, a dozen cameras along with other sensors and an outward-facing screen that displays the user’s expressions to people outside. remember that Apple has generated a timeline of launches powerful enough to know that these glasses will be coordinated and driven by the M2 chip, in any of its variants.

As for the price, it is estimated that they will be around 3000 dollars with sophisticated materials such as aluminium, carbon fiber or glass. Mixed reality glasses are expected to see the light of day throughout 2023. With a prohibitive price and limited to professional use, it is almost a product banned by the majority of Apple users.