Mophie Portable Magnetic Stand From MagSafe: A Dual-Hinged Handy Stand

The Mophie portable Magnetic stand from MagSafe is designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s total 12 and 13 series of MagSafe devices. The MagSafe design has been made foldable, thus aiding portability, and is also adjusted for viewing perfectly.

The stand device makes charging simple and versatile even when you hit the road. The MagSafe compatible device is not for power but attachment purposes. It comes in a gray and black fabric finish, is dual-hinged for complete flexibility, and is foldable to a thickness of three-quarters of an inch.

The MagSafe compatible portable stand is also ultra-light at 5.6 oz (158 grams) and costs $39.39

Design And Material Used In The MagSafe Compatible Stand

Similar to the one used by mophie on the 3-in-1 portable charger, this magnetic stand includes an exterior knit fabric that is ultra-soft. The inside of the charges stands also has a soft surface texture, though the feel is a bit different from the outside.

The dual hinges are made of metal and the lower one is similar to the hinge design on the iPad’s Magic Keyboard. The matched MagSafe puck is enclosed in black rubber or silicone to protect the iPhone or the case from scratching.

The portable magnetic stand conveniently packs inside a bag, and the lightweight doesn’t add any burden. But it has a durable and sturdy feel with the metal hinges and the rigid core despite its weight.

It has to be kept in mind that the MagSafe compatible device is merely for magnetic connection to any device having the mophie adapter or to compatible iPhones, and it is not a powered stand.

The magnetic stand is perfect for several scenarios. It is perfect for desk setups and travel and has a lightweight and fully folding device.

The lower hinge gives 180-degree adjustability while the upper hinge offers half that. Thus, it gives perfect viewing both at eye level and for a top-down view.