More iPhone problems are reported and this time Apple says nothing

It has been less than two weeks since the launch of the iPhone 15 and from the first hours of its launch, heating problems began to be reported due to the excessive consumption of some applications, as well as small problems that the A17 Pro chip had reported. Now, when It seemed that the waters were returning to their channel, it is reported new problems where yes, this time it does seem that address design flaws. Keep reading as we tell you everything in this article.

Many users report speaker problems

The middle redditone of the best media related to the world of technology and the world of Apple, reports that many users are beginning to notice problems in the audio distorted and crunchy when the volume is at a medium or partial position. According to the sources consulted, the ear speaker seems to be the most affected.

Specifically, said medium publishes the experience that two of the saurians have had:“My iPhone 15 Pro Max arrived on launch day, and from out of the box, full volume speakerphone calls shake the speaker and sound like liquid inside, and the same for music above 80%”in relation to the other user. “Based on my experience, the audio seems to ring or crackle in specific videos or in certain frequency ranges”another person posted a comment on Reddit.

We also have to highlight the TikToker Milesabovetech, one of the first people to complain about sound problems on their iPhone 15 Pro Max from the moment they made the purchase. In this sense, Apple’s own official store replacement the device up to two times due to the sound problems generated by the unit and even Apple recognized that it was a design flaw, since this type of problem was not normal. Other iPhone 15 users on Reddit have also reported asking Apple for a replacement, and the issue has persisted on new units.

In this situation, we will have to continue waiting to find out if the audio problems that users are reporting have a cause. simple solutionis it a run of devices with errors in their production or are we facing a design problem that Apple and that, if this is so, it seems that a software update is not going to be the only solution because if the speaker fails, it is something more serious than if a processor fails, basically because the processor is largely synchronized with the software.

Other problems

As we have said previously, the iPhone 15 Pro are experiencing temperature problems after using it for a while, causing the device to burn and worst of all, it can affect the useful life of the device. When it comes to this issue, Apple claims that iPhones could get hot the first few days after the first configuration due to the arrival of numerous information from your previous device or when we enjoy games that require extensive graphics-intensive resources. However, the company acknowledged last weekend that there is a software problem in iOS 17 which causes iPhone 15 models to operate at abnormally high temperatures. Apple has said that this is not a hardware issue and that it will release a software update to address the issue.

In conclusion, I have to ask the following question: if problems continue to be confirmed in the iPhone 15 Pro speakers, Will Apple also say that the speakers are a software problem? How many software problems can it accumulate in two years? Tim Cook and the entire Apple team, realize that users pay a lot of money for a device so that it does not meet minimum quality standards.