More than 100 euros discount on the iPhone 13

When buying an iPhone, or really any other product, what most users are looking for is to find the best option in that famous quality/price ratio that is talked about so much. Well, one of those teams that we can say that perfectly complies with it is the iPhone 13, and even more so if it has the discounts that we leave you in this post. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

What has happened with the iPhone 13, of course, nobody could have foreseen, and that is that its popularity has increased once the iPhone 14 has been released. Apple, with the latest generation of iPhone, has had to increase its price in Spain, due to the adjustment made to the economic situation of our country, which has caused the difference between what you had to pay before for an iPhone and what you have to pay now to be really large, to the point that the iPhone 13 has not decreased in price with the launch of the iPhone 14, a move that is always characteristic of Apple.

That is why many users, before paying 1,009 euros for the iPhone 14, prefer to buy the iPhone 13 for less, especially since the differences are practically negligible in normal models. However, despite the fact that Apple has not lowered prices, other stores and establishments do carry out offers or promotions for a limited time, as is the case with MediaMarkt, which has the iPhone 13 at a really attractive price. We leave you the discounts below.

Reasons to buy the iPhone 13 now

Once you know the discount that you have available in MediaMarkt to do with an iPhone 13, let’s go with the reasons why acquiring this device is a good idea in the middle of 2023. The first thing you have to know, and we understand that it is something obvious, is that this device is not the best iPhone that Apple has, now, for many users it is not necessary to have the best, but rather the one that, for its price, best meets their needs.

iPhone 13 mini cameras

This iPhone has a perfect size, 6.1 inches that make it really comfortable to handle in any situation. His battery It is not the most remarkable thing about the device, but the truth is that it is not bad either, enough for those users who make normal use of the device. As to cameras It is capable of offering great results, both at the photography and video level. It has a dual camera module with a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens, in addition to its front camera to be able to take selfies or video calls. It has cinema mode and is capable of recording up to 4K at 60 f/s, meaning that you have a “professional” camera in your pocket with this piece of device. Last but not least, your screen It’s also really good, although yes, you don’t have the 120 Hz refresh rate of the Pro models.