More Than 100 Million App Store Users Are From Europe

Apple complied with the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) by disclosing the number of monthly active users for each of its App Store versions in Europe. According to the statement posted on Apple’s legal resources website, there are 23 million more users of the iPadOS App Store than there are of the iOS App Store in Europe, which has 101 million users. One million people use the tvOS Store, while six million people use the macOS App Store. 

The tech giant also offered approximations for the paid subscriptions for the watchOS Store, Apple Books, and Podcasts, which in Europe have fewer than one million users per month. 

Apple Releases App Store Details

The recently approved DSA law designates internet firms with more than 45 million users as very large online platforms (VLOPs), and requires them to send over vital data to academics in order to “provide more insight into how online risks evolve.” The EU recently revealed a list of 19 sites that will be subject to the DSA’s harshest requirements, including the Apple Store, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Amazon. Companies on that list are required to be proactive in assessing and reporting hazards associated with artificial intelligence and algorithms. Apple said in February that the iOS Store was its only product that qualifies as a VLOP but did not disclose the platform’s active monthly users at the time. 

The business added that while it was only required by law to provide its iOS App Store data, it will voluntarily change its other products to conform to DSA rules. According to a 2022 report based on lobbying records obtained by Corporate Europe Observatory and Global Witness, after the DSA and DMA (Digital Markets Act) were first proposed in December 2020, tech behemoths like Apple, Meta, Google, and Amazon significantly increased the amount of money they spent on EU lobbying.