More than 200 euros discount for the MacBook Air with M2 on Amazon!

The latest MacBook Air models have improved many elements compared to the previous ones. And although the price has increased according to the improvements, now you can get this computer paying less on Amazon, thanks to an offer that Apple itself has launched. Do you want to know the models that are discounted? So this post is for you!

The MacBook Air with M2 is a very versatile computer

For a long time, MacBook Airs were focused on performing less demanding and demanding tasks. However, to the “everyday laptop” formula we must add the Apple M2 chip, which significantly increases the technical capabilities of the equipment, now being able to do tasks that were previously only exclusive to MacBook Pros.

The model presented in 2022 has improved many things compared to the models presented in other years. To begin with, we leave behind the wedge shape, to have a thin and light equipment, but at the same time feel robust. Also, the screen has changed. Not only have they improved the technology, but they have changed the shape, adapting the visual design to the same style as the MacBook Pro. In this model we are going to have 13.6-inch Liquid Retina displaywith which we can carry out retouching and editing tasks, with the certainty that we are seeing authentic colors.

In addition, the improvements in the physical section do not stop there. but, finally, the MagSafe charging connector returns to this range of computers. In this way, not only will we have a more comfortable and safe charging system, but it will also allow us to have both USB Type-C ports completely free, to be able to connect the accessories that we want. Thus, in this way, we will not have to prioritize between charging the MacBook, or connecting an adapter, since we can do it all at the same time.

MacBook Air models introduced in 2022 build on the following base features: Apple M2 chip, 8GB of unified memory (RAM memory) and 256GB of SSD. And when it comes to colors, we have four to choose from: Star White, Space Grey, Midnight, and Silver. Of course, in the Amazon price sales, there is not one, but two models that we will be able to get for much less money.

This is how MacBook Airs cost on sale at Amazon

It’s important to note that the lowered M2 MacBook Air models have the same base hardware configuration that we mentioned just before. Now, the price reduction is in two specific colors: Star White and Midnight. The official price of this computer, on the Apple website it is listed at 1519 euros.

macbook air m2

If we want to buy the computer in Star White, on Amazon we can get it for 1,339 euros. But also, we can apply an additional offer coupon, which will make the price drop 50 euros more, so We are going to take this computer for only 1289 euros. 230 euros less than what it costs at Apple! And if we want to go for the Midnight color, the price reduction is somewhat lower, but it is still interesting: 1,347 euros. In this case, the discount is 172 euros less than what it costs at Apple. So, if you want to brand new computer, take advantage before the sale ends!