More than 200 euros discount has the MacBook Air M2

One of the computers that has caused the most talk in recent months has been the MacBook Air, since it has not only meant a great evolution within its range of computers but has also raised a lot of criticism due to the price increase it has suffered. compared to its predecessor. However, with this offer you can save a good amount of money when buying your new Apple computer.

discounts available

Whenever a user is going to buy an Apple computer, they have to invest a large amount of money, since the price of these is not cheap at all. In addition, this MacBook Air M2, if we compare it with its predecessor, the MacBook Air M1, has risen considerably in price, as a result of the novelties it has brought, but above all, due to the situation of the euro against the dollar and the inflation in Spain. Therefore, having the offer that we bring you in this post will allow you to save a large amount of money on the purchase of this computer. We leave you the discounts below.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage
    • White star color: 184 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 184 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 190 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 190 euros discount.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage
    • White star color: 234 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 234 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 234 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 234 euros discount.

Is the MacBook Air worth it?

It is obvious that when spending so much money on a product, even if it has a great discount, as is the case, users have to take into account if it is really worth buying it. In the case of the MacBook Air M2, there are many reasons why it is worth buying this deviceOf course, it will depend, as always, on the needs that each user has.

MacBook Air Midnight

It is an Apple computer that is intended for the vast majority of the public, that is, those users who have basic needs such as creating text documents, making presentations, browsing the Internet, writing articles or consuming multimedia content. It is also perfectly capable, occasionally, of editing video or editing photography, although if that is going to be the main use of the equipment, perhaps it is best to purchase this computer with more storage and, above all, more RAM, or even go to the Pro range, which is the one that is designed to satisfy these types of needs. Another point in favor of this MacBook Air M2 is its autonomy and how easy and comfortable it is to transport, thanks to its slim design.

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