More than 200 euros discount on the iPhone 14 Pro Take advantage!

With Apple it is not all good news, there are also times when the company throws a jug of cold water on users, and one of these was when, after the launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, in Spain we verified that the prices had gone up considerably. Well, in order to alleviate this price increase today we bring you a piece of offer on the iPhone 14 Pro with which you can save more than 200 euros. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

discounts available

If there is something that cannot be doubted, it is the quality of Apple products, much less everything that their iPhones can do and offer, and obviously the iPhone 14 Pro is not exactly the exception that confirms this rule. It is a device that has some truly enviable features in every way. Its lenses offer users enormous versatility both to be able to take pictures and to record video, making it one of the best options for all those who like to create content on social networks. In addition, its size is ideal for using it comfortably on a day-to-day basis, although that also means that it has less battery than its older brother, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We must also highlight the quality of the screen and its 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, which offer a truly rewarding user experience.

The bad part of all this, as we have mentioned before, is that the price of this device has increased considerably, so much so that its price in the Apple Store is 1,319 euros, a fairly high increase compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. . However, and fortunately for users, MediaMarkt currently has a really incredible discount, allowing you to purchase the iPhone 14 Pro for 1,111 euros, that is, more than 200 euros discount.

The best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone by itself is already capable of offering a truly incredible user experience, however, if you are able to surround it with a series of accessories, this will be increased considerably. Therefore, below we want to give you a series of recommendations that we believe, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, that will be great for you.

  • Spigen Screen Protector. Despite the fact that the discount is considerable, paying 1,111 euros is a large outlay of money, and for this reason it is a very good idea to protect the screen of your iPhone with a good protector like this one from Spigen.
  • elago silicone case. If we talk about protecting, not only the screen protector is necessary, but also a good case, and for this in this case we have chosen the silicone one from elago that has MagSafe and that has a really competitive price.

wallet and iPhone

  • Apple MagSafe Wallet. One of the star MagSafe accessories for the iPhone is undoubtedly the Apple wallet, and the truth is that although at first glance it may seem that its price is disproportionate, everyone who tries it ends up falling in love with this accessory.
  • AirPods Pro 2nd generation. Undoubtedly the best accessory to enhance your iPhone. The AirPods Pro are the best headphones you can use with your device, both for the sound quality they offer and for the excellent noise cancellation they have.