More than 2000 euros for an iPhone. Is it worth it?

Since the usual iPhone presentation Keynote was held last Wednesday, September 7, the most talked about issue is their price, since they have risen considerably. So much so, that one of the variants corresponding to the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs more than 2,000 euros. The question we ask ourselves is, is it really worth it?

There have been many rumors that for months have been warning of a price increase in the new iPhone. Well, this has not been entirely the case, in fact, we could even say that the iPhone has not gone up in priceand it is that in the same presentation, when Apple published what it was going to cost to buy an iPhone in the United States, the prices that were seen were the same as every year, which made many users celebrate that the rumors were finally not some.

Nothing is further from reality, although in the United States they have not increased in price, as announced by the Cupertino company, in Spain they have, and quite a bit more. The main reason is the economic situation of the countryand it is that this increase in price is caused by the inflation and for the dollar to euro conversionthat is the explanation that all users wanted.

But beware, this rise not only affects the Pro models as initially thought, but has risen for all the iPhone 14 models that Apple presented last week, causing even the iPhone 13 in the Apple Store not to drop anything its price. Below we leave you the initial prices of each model.

  • iPhone 14: from 1009 euros.
  • iPhone 14 Plus: from 1,159 euros.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: from 1,319 euros.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: from 1469 euros.

Is it really worth paying more than 2,000 euros for an iPhone?

Due to this price increase in Spain, any user who goes to the Apple Store and wants to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage will have to spend more than 2,000 euros, specifically €2,119. The question that many users ask themselves is, will there be someone who spends so much money on an iPhone? Is it really worth it?

Obviously, not for the average user, however, these devices with so much storage They are designed for those users whose professional video and photo camera is the iPhone itself and, therefore, they need a computer that has enough storage to be able to save all the files that they generate with the recording, since we must bear in mind that videos in ProRes format or ProRAW photographs take up a lot of space.

For the rest of the users, who may even need to have so much storage, it is surely much more profitable to bet on a solution in the cloud as it is iCloudsince for 9.99 euros per month you can have that TB of storage, in addition to also having the advantages of storing all those files in the Apple cloud and not simply on a single device.