More than 300 euros discount on the new MacBook Pro at Amazon!

If you were thinking of buying the new MacBook Pro, now is a good time to take advantage. The 14-inch model is available for sale on Amazon, and it becomes a much more interesting option than before. Do you want to know the details of that price reduction, and the configurations that are on sale? In this post we explain everything!

The 14-inch model with M2 has a lot of power

The new 14-inch MacBook is loaded with hardware to deliver the best performance for the most demanding tasks. The base model has the processor Apple M2 Pro, 10-core CPU or 16-core GPU. In addition, part of 16GB of unified memory (RAM) and 512GB of SSD storage.

The interior is not the only thing that has been renovated, but also the exterior. The new screen format increases the base size by 1.6 inches. And the connection ports return, so that we have plenty: HDMI, SD card reader; headphone jack, three USB Type-C ports, with Thunderbolt 4 standard and MagSafe connector.

The MacBook Pro product range is one of the most expensive in terms of laptops, since its use is intended for demanding and professional tasks. However, it is always appreciated that, from time to time, offers are published to get the same product for less money. And in this case, it is a reduction that Apple itself has made, since It is available in its official store on Amazon.

This is the price of the discounted MacBook Pro M2

The model that is on offer is the computer with the base configuration. Besides, the color that is discounted is Silver, so the Space Gray is left without this offer. However, if this factor is not a differential element when buying a computer, and you are looking for power at a cheaper price, it will undoubtedly be your option.

On the official Apple website, the basic configuration and in white, the price starts at 2,449 euros. Nevertheless, thanks to this Amazon offer we can get it for only 2119 euros. 330 euros less than what it costs us on the official website! It is, therefore, at a very competitive price.

macbook pro m2

If we compare it with the MacBook Air M2, with 16GB of unified memory (RAM) and 512GB of SSD storage space, we see that it is available on the official Apple website for 2,099 euros. And if we take this offer into account, for just 100 euros more we will have a leap in processor power, since we will be in an M2 Pro. In addition to the connection ports and a larger screen. A difference that, without the discount, amounts to a difference of 350 euros.

If you are thinking of buying a new Apple computer and you are looking for power, a lot of autonomy and, above all, a computer that lasts as long as possible, you will find it in the MacBook Pro. And if we add that we are going to pay less money for it, it is a very good opportunity to get hold of it.