My experience with the Apple Watch Series 8 after 3 months

Nothing here, nothing here

From a point of view of design, We find ourselves with the same continuity of previous generations, the same finish, the same digital crown and the same experience because the use of the edges is the same as in previous generations. Same continuity with respect to the Construction materials, where in this sense, we continue to have exquisite construction quality and materials, honoring the Apple brand.

The Processor It is the same as in previous generations, it is true that they have added one more core, but for practical purposes most users will not notice a difference in terms of fluidity. However, it is true that the Watch processor does not need constant evolution because the functions are much more limited than in an iPhone, but it is time for a jump, not so much in power, but in energy efficiency.Lastly, the fast charging and power saving function It will allow us to have the Apple Watch longer on our wrist, since it will not be necessary to charge it every night and if we are going out and it has a low battery, a small quick charge and it will last us a few more hours.

WatchOS 8, a leap forward

In the field of health and the incorporation of sensors,the new generation has taken a step forward. In this framework, the Apple Watch series 8 new functions such as cycle mode, blood oxygen meter, aerobic capacity notifications and SOS emergency, aspects that are surely important to know if you are doing sports, if you are going down the street and the Apple Watch shows a notification or in the worst case, you have an accident. It may seem like a secondary thing, but when it does, it’s appreciated.

Apple WatchSeries 7

The sport app it is much more accurate, with better features that will make your workouts much more statistically complete. However, if with the 7 series you had enough information, the same will happen with the 8 series. Beyond what is mentioned in these lines, you will not be able to do anything else that you cannot do with the previous version and with the same limitations and dependency as the 2021 Watch.

Is the Apple Watch Series 7 worth it?

The answer It depends of use that you go to the new functions and sensors included in the device. If you want to delve into the parameters offered by the sports app as well as new sensors such as the cycle, temperature or improvements in the detection of changes in our heart rate or activation of the emergency sensor in case of accidents, the series 8 is a magnificent device for you that you will enjoy a lot.

Series 8

In case contrary, if you have the 7 series, the battery is not very degraded and you do not take advantage of its full potential, the 8 series is not the most recommended option for you because it will have updates for many years and you will have practically the same user experience, for What, in case you do not sell it at a good price and find an offer, it is not worth taking the leap and if you wait for the ninth generation, it may bring the improvements you are looking for.