My experience with the iPad battery, unbeatable

But is what they say lasts really correct? We all know that the data that companies offer about their products is in ideal conditions, and that it never amounts to what they say, but how much truth does it have?

How long does an iPad battery last? Is it as long as they say?

Well, the first point, and the most obvious, is that it will depend on the model chosen, since not all of them have the same characteristics or components, however, they do have something in common, any version has a large battery.

And I can give you the example of a 2018 iPad Pro, which is obviously already a few years old, and its battery is somewhat degraded, however, on a personal level it is still outrageous.

Last week I was watching a series on Netflix, and its battery lasted 6 episodes, corresponding to almost 7 hours of screen (not counting the moments when I was standing, since I didn't see it all at once). And I have the model with data, Bluetooth and active Wifi.

This corresponds to a standard model from 5 years ago, since the new ones have even better autonomy. That is to say, yes, what Apple tells us is true, and although they exaggerate the hours of use a little, it is still an unbeatable battery.

It will also depend on the use we give it, since Netflix, for example, is one of the apps that best manages the battery, and it will last longer than if we are playing or browsing somewhere else.

In summary, If you buy an iPad you will have a battery for a working dayespecially if we are talking about a more recent model, as long as we are talking about brand new it, and it is not second-hand, since we will not know its degradation or previous use.

From Apple's official website, we can compare the different models and estimated battery capacity here, although the most recent ones have the same composition:

  • Up to 10 hours Internet browsing via Wi-Fi or video playback
  • Up to 9 hours Internet browsing through mobile networks

And the truth is that it is quite realistic, at least in some type of use, since others require double the power, and, therefore, half the battery.

So nothing, if you were doubting whether or not to buy an iPad due to its autonomy, know that it is true, and apart from having the most fluid tablet on the market, you will also have battery to get through any day without needing a charger nearby .

And you, do you already have an iPad? How long does the battery last? Does it still last like the first day, or do you notice that it's not that bad anymore? And above all, would you recommend this tablet to all those who are hesitating about getting one? Leave us a comment with your opinion and iPad model.