Nanoleaf unveils its new lighting products

Nanoleaf has announced at CES2023 its new products for this year, including “ambilight” lights for televisionnew ceiling lights and other accessories to expand your home automation catalog with the new Matter technology.

Nanoleaf 4D

Led lights for television are very popular accessories, but very few offer you the “ambilight” system that synchronizes the image displayed on the television with LED lighting, achieving a truly impressive visual effect when watching movies or series. This system, launched by Philips with its Ambilight televisions (which have popularized this name for these synchronization systems), is the dream of many, and has few options on the market outside of Philips products. Nanoleaf wants to compete with the Dutch manufacturer and has announced its system Nanoleaf 4K consisting of RGBW LED strips and a camera that can be positioned on the top or bottom of the TV which is responsible for capturing what appears on the screen and synchronizing the lighting of the LED strip located on the back of the TV. This Nanoleaf 4D will be available in the second quarter of 2023 and it will have two lengths, 3.8 and 5 meters to adapt to different sizes of televisions.

Nanoleaf Skylight

Nanoleaf Skylight

We are familiar with Nanoleaf’s light panels, but at CES we have been able to see ceiling lighting systems with similar characteristics: RGBW lights and modularity. With Nanoleaf Skylight we can create our own designs and control the color, temperature and brightness, and they have the same functions as the well-known brand panels, such as synchronization with music. HomeKit (and Matter) compatible we can create environments, colorful designs and use them as conventional lighting systems, beyond the classic decorative panels. They have light and movement sensors to create automations, and also act as Router Thred. They will be available in the third quarter of 2023.

Nanoleaf SensePlus


The new Sense+ lighting controls will arrive in the third quarter of 2023 and have wired and wireless versions, they will allow you to control the lighting of lights, their intensity and the environments that you have created with the Nanoleaf application, and They also have motion and light sensors to create automations. They will connect using Thread technology and are compatible with Matter. They are accompanied by a Nala Learning bridge that also serves as a night light and Thread router.

Other devices

In addition to these all-new products, Nanoleaf has also announced updates to other well-known products such as Matter-certified LED bulbs, LED strips and LED eyes, as well as firmware updates for the brand’s light panel systems that will make them compatible with Matter throughout this year.