Apple did not surprise anyone with the elimination of the Mini version of the iPhone, and it is that despite the fact that the most romantic of us came out in its legitimate defense, it was small, beautiful and functional. But its ineffectiveness in terms of autonomy cost it to be relegated to casual users, and those are not precisely the ones that invest close to 1,000 euros in a device.

Apple wanted to change its mind and presented the iPhone 14 Plus, a device that has crashed in sales and has been an absolute failureWill this mean its disappearance from the Apple catalog? Everything points to no.

According to the analyst Ross Young, the “Pro” versions of the iPhone are accounting for 75% of current sales. This information is extracted from the fact that 75% of the shipment of screens by suppliers correspond precisely to these models, easily distinguishable thanks to the Dynamic Island. Similarly, manufacturers are continuing at a normal pace with the production of screens for the iPhone 14, however, the manufacture of panels for the iPhone 14 Plus has been interrupted, and it is not too clear that it will increase again in the short term.

According to these data, only 5% of total iPhone shipments have corresponded to the iPhone 14 Plus, which is a clear sign not only of the lack of interest of the users, but of a strategy that points to one failure after another, as happened at the time with the Mini version. Users are increasingly polarized, which is why Apple should consider reducing its range of star products, something that Samsung has understood, and that we can see in the fact that the Galaxy S range now only offers three different devices, being one of them the already extinct Galaxy Note, which happens to be a Galaxy S Ultra.