Apple has a dilemma that will haunt it for a long time and these are the conditions it imposes in the App Store for in-app purchases and the commissions imposed on in-store payments. It is an issue that has led thousands of applications to leave the App Store and even the European Union to make decisions such as the arrival of alternative stores to iOS. Following this matter, Netflix will no longer allow payment for Basic plan subscriptions in the United States and Canada through purchases within the App Store to those users who purchased the subscription before 2018.

Users will no longer be able to pay for Netflix through the App Store

Until 2018, users could subscribe to Netflix and pay for the subscription through the App Store, as a payment gateway. This implied that Apple took a 15% commission for each payment subscription. This changed in 2018 as Netflix restricted access to this payment method, leaving only the possibility of making payment with other methods. However, It allowed all users who subscribed through the App Store to pay with this method until they canceled the subscription.

However, there are thousands of users who have continued paying the subscription since 2018 and Apple continues to take 15% of the payment, in such a turbulent time regarding the conditions that the App Store imposes on its developers. It seems that Netflix has run out of patience and will prohibit payment of subscriptions through the App Store to the thousands of users who still use this payment method:

Some Apple-billed members in select countries may be required to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.

Netflix has already confirmed that This restriction only affects the United States and Canada, and those users with a basic plan subscription. This means that those users who meet these conditions will have to add a new payment method to their account or they will be left without access to the Netflix catalog.