A few days ago, a new subscription plan for the most widely used streaming service of the moment: Netflix. It was about a plan with ads, individual with certain limitations on video quality but with a more affordable price than the original plan but with one limitation: there are ads. We will see over time the adoption that this plan has had among users. However, with the announcement of strict measures with shared accounts, it is likely that many will end up in this plan. The Users of the Netflix app on Apple TV have noticed that the ad-supported plan is not supported.

Netflix promises that the plan with ads will soon arrive in the Apple TV app

€5.49 is the price of this new type of subscription to Netflix with ads. Since November 10, it has been in Spain and some other countries such as the US, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. It is quite a test for Netflix and perhaps, depending on the adoption, they see an opportunity to expand to the rest of the world. Nevertheless, all that glitters is not gold and this plan has a series of special characteristics:

  • The playback quality will go up to 720p (HD)
  • An average of 4-5 minutes of ads per hour
  • Some movies or series will not be available
  • Can’t download content
New Basic plan with Netflix ads

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But Users of the Netflix app on Apple TV have an added difficulty and that is that this plan is not compatible with the app on the Apple device itself. Thanks to many users who have purchased the plan and have gone to enjoy content on their Apple TV, they have realized its incompatibility. In fact, there is a notice on the Netflix support website where it is confirmed:

Basic with ads It is not compatible with Apple TV.

However, official Netflix sources have confirmed to 9to5mac that support for the plan is coming to Apple TV soon, which is good news if you have an Apple TV and want to enjoy Netflix content through the new ad-supported plan. We’ll see how this all ends.