Netro Stream, automatic watering for your indoor plants

We try the new Netro Stream, an automatic watering programmer for indoor plants with which you will no longer have to worry about your vacation or remembering to water it.

After several years controlling the irrigation of the garden with Netro products, the launch of the first product to water indoor plants excited me because I was finally going to be able to maintain my (for the moment) few plants inside the house, with which I have always been a disaster. The new Stream is specially designed to precisely water the plants you have in your homewith WiFi connectivity, battery, flow sensors and very low noise pumps.


  • Weight 330g
  • Size 10.4 x 10.4 x 5.6cm
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Manual control and via mobile application
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT
  • Two independent circuits
  • Operation with electrical connection and by battery
  • Content:
    • Netro Stream Pump
    • 3 and 4 way connectors
    • Filter
    • 4mm diameter tube, 18 meters long
    • Pot holder
    • High Flow and Low Flow Drippers
    • Power adapter and USB-A to USB-C cable

Netro Stream pair indoor plants

The main unit of the Netro Stream is a small and fairly discreet box that will blend in perfectly among your pots. It has a top LED that shows you the connection status, which varies depending on whether you always use it connected to electricity or use the integrated battery. In the latter case, the device will enter a “sleep” state from time to time to save battery life., and will wake up periodically to see if there have been changes in the programming or to carry out the set program. With this type of operation it will last several weeks without needing to recharge it. If you keep it connected to electricity, it will always be alert to any changes and will execute orders immediately.

Even at the back we have three connections, two are outlets for the water, and one is the entrance. Above each outlet there is a physical button to carry out manual irrigation.. You also have the USB-C connection to recharge the battery or connect it to the power, and a button to restart the device or turn it off completely. The stand included in the box allows you to place it on the edge of the planter, but you can choose to place it directly on the ground or on top of any other surface.

Netro Stream pair indoor plants


It is quite simple to create your irrigation system, and you will not need any additional accessories other than what is included in the box, just some scissors to cut the tube into the segments of the length you need. The first thing is to place the water inlet to the controller, for which we need to place the tube in the inlet (IN) and the other end in the water tank that we have placed nearby. It is important that you place the filter at that end, to prevent particles from entering the pump. Once that is done, you can now place the tubes in the outputs (1 and 2). You don't have to use both circuits, you can work with just one without any problem.

Use the 18 meters of tubing to create your irrigation circuit, also using the three- and four-way connectors, and the water diffusers. If the circuit You are going to use it for a few plants, it is better to use the black ones, while if you are going to water several plants with a single circuit, it is better to use the transparent ones. You can stick these diffusers into the soil of the pots so that they remain firmly fixed. When you have finished, it is best to carry out a test to check that there are no leaks anywhere in the circuit. If at any time you want to stop using a terminal, you can use one of the included plugs to do so without having to disassemble the rest of the circuit.

Netro Stream pair indoor plants


The configuration process is done from the Netro application that you can download for both iPhone (link) and Android (link). The application is translated into Spanish, so the setup process is well directed and quite simple. Basically you must connect the Netro Stream to your WiFi network, and after that establish the irrigation program(s) you want. It is a very intuitive application, although it has many options so you may need to spend a few minutes browsing through all the configuration options it has.

You can establish independent programs for each zone (1 and 2), irrigation hours, duration, months in which it will be active, a single isolated irrigation, even configure backup irrigation in case WiFi connectivity is lost. You can also run manual watering from the app (in addition to using the physical buttons on the device). You will be able to see in the application when the irrigations have been carried out, their duration and the water used in the irrigation. You can also see the remaining battery, the WiFi connection and cancel a watering on the main screen. If the tank runs out of water, the app will notify you immediately.

There is only one thing I miss because it is present in the other controllers I have for the garden: smart irrigation based on the specific plant you are watering. On my Netro Spark, depending on the plant, climate and location, irrigation can be set intelligently, but on this controller it doesn't give you the option. It would be a very practical option for those of us who are terrible with plants.

netro appnetro app

Editor's opinion

Netro Stream is the perfect solution for your indoor plants. If you want to not worry about watering your pots at home, there is no better option. Plus you will no longer have to ask your neighbor or family to water your plants when you go on vacation. Easy to install and configure, simple to handle and with impeccable operation, as well as the possibility of operating by battery, this Netro Stream is perfect for not having to fill your house with plastic plants, because your real plants will be in perfect condition. Its price is $99 on the Netro website (link).

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  • Last modification: March 2, 2024


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Complete and intuitive application
  • Two independent circuits
  • Battery operation


  • Without intelligent irrigation depending on the type of plant