Never buy this iPhone on Wallapop

Wallapop is an online sales platform between users who want to buy or sell a product of any theme and nature. One of the most sold products are the products of the bitten apple. In this post we are going to highlight that Apple devices do not deserve to buy in this 2022 and 2023.

With the presentation of iOS 16 in June 2022 and the presentation of the iPhone 14 in September of that year, there is a real price restructuring in Wallapop because all the devices have one more generation, that is, they are older. There are devices that are no longer worth buying due to their longevity.

What devices not to buy in 2022 and 2023 on Wallapop?

  • iPhone 6s and SE: they are two of the oldest devices that we are going to present and that are not worth buying in 2022 and 2023 at all. Both devices, devices, are not compatible with iOS 16 and, therefore, it is a compelling reason not to buy them. Even so, they are devices that are already many years old, six years old, a fairly old design, an A9 chip that is very poor and even loses and loses support in different games and compatibility with updates.
  • iPhone 7: A device that has a slightly better battery life, a fresher chip, an older design, and a single camera. It is a device that is not compatible with iOS 16. It is an obsolete model and despite the fact that it is more fluid than the previous ones, you are going to have a device without support. The iPhone 8, even though it will update to iOS 16, will probably be its last year, seeing as the iPhone 7 doesn’t update anymore.
  • iPhone 8: For the price of the iPhone 8, you can increase your budget a bit and buy the iPhone SE, which if it is a device that upgrades to iOS 16, has the A15 chip and despite having an old design, from a point of view hardware, it’s a great device.
  • iPhone X: It is a device that is partially in the same situation as the iPhone 8. Both came out the same year. Despite the fact that it was a real revolution and included new aspects, such as Face ID, double camera and OLED screen. However, the battery was quite small and in its day you do not get to make it to the full day. Like the iPhone 8, it may be its last year of updates as it is 5 years old. You will not find this device in any official Apple or third-party store, so it has probably had intensive use and the battery is quite degraded.

A common problem for all

A common aspect shared by all the devices discontinued in this post is the limited internal storage. Until the iPhone 8, the storage was 32 GB and in the later generation, that is, iPhone X and iPhone 8, the devices start with 64 GB of memory, a derisory amount of storage today and that although in a At first it seems like it’s enough, but when you start taking photos, video and downloading applications, the memory is quite tight. From iPhone XS onwards if it is a compatible device because it updates to iOS 16 and has many of the features that are included in newer devices.

iPhone SE 2020

An option can keep the use these iPhone as secondary devices, mentioned above, can be very interesting as a secondary device in case your main device breaks. Even if you have a device without the latest features, you have a device that ages very well, because Apple designs devices to perform exceptionally well for years.