Never lose your wallet with this Nomad card

Nomad has launched a new locator card that with the size of a conventional credit card it will always allow you to find where your wallet isthanks to the Apple Search network, and that also recharges wirelessly compatible with the MagSafe system

Since Apple launched AirTags, locator devices have become very popular. Important items such as house keys, backpacks, car keys or even our dogs or bicycles are the perfect destinations for these small devices so that we can always have them located and recover them if we lose them. But for our wallets, however, there is a small problem: an AirTag is too thick to be used with it, so A locator in the shape of a credit card is the perfect idea because you can place it in any slot for cards in your wallet so as not to make it too thick.

Fits anywhere

And that is just what Nomad has done, a device with the same size and shape as a credit card (Nomad says it is as thick as two cards but my impression is that it is somewhat smaller), you can comfortably carry it in any card holder. or wallet and thus always have it located. It is made of Polycarbonate, and has IPX7 certification, so it is water resistant. Its design is very discreet, no one could differentiate it from a conventional credit card., so it goes completely unnoticed, and as is usually the norm with Nomad products, there is no strident logo that draws attention. On one side it has a silkscreen with an integrated circuit, on the other just the logo in a tone that almost goes unnoticed.

Support for Apple's Find My network makes setup a breeze, just press the “+” in the app and let it identify the card. You must have previously pressed a hidden button, so hidden that Nomad itself has to point it out to you with a sticker. But the best of all is that thanks to this compatibility with Search you will be able to locate it even if you are miles away from the card, since will use any Apple device that passes near it to send you its location. Have you forgotten it in the cafeteria at work? Well, even if you are far away, any iPhone or iPad that passes by will send the location of the card to Apple's servers and you will be able to locate it on the map. I have locators on all my keys, backpack and camera bag, and I can say that the system works perfectly.

Nomad Card Search

Almost impossible to lose it

Not only that, in addition to being able to locate it on the map, You can configure notifications so that if you move away from it, a notice will be sent to your iPhone that you are leaving it behind, to avoid forgetting to take it. You can configure trusted locations so that you are not notified there if you forget, avoiding false alerts. You can ask to be shown the route to where the card is, even make it make a sound in case you have it at home but can't find it. It is not a very loud sound, but in silence it is perfectly useful to be able to find it. And if you want someone else to be able to see your location, you can share it with someone else and it will appear in their Search app.

In case of loss, you can activate “Lost Mode”, which will block the card so that no one can reset it. In case at any time the location is not updated because there are no Apple devices nearby, as soon as it connects with one and sends its location you will be notified in your application, and also If someone finds it, they can bring it closer to their device and see a message on their screen that you can personalize.r with your phone number so they can contact you. If with all these functions you end up losing your wallet, it is because fate is very capricious.

Search App

Marking the differences

All of this that I have told you you have surely seen before in similar devices, but Nomad wanted to solve one of the weak points of the cards that you knew about until now. In addition to the quality of the materials used and the fact that it is one of the thinnest I have tested, what really makes it completely different is its charging system. It has an internal battery that gives it an autonomy of 5 months, and when it runs out (you can see its remaining battery in the Search app) You can recharge it using any wireless charger, and if it is MagSafe better, because it is fully compatible with that system. Forget about special cables, clips or non-replaceable batteries that force you to throw away the card after two years, here it is as simple as placing it on top of a Qi charger and a new card for another 5 months.

Editor's opinion

Nomad wanted to make the best localized card for our portfolio, and it has achieved it, improving just the weak point of the competition. The wireless charging system is simply fantastic, and if we add to that everything that Apple's “Search” network offers us, the final score for this product is first class. Its size, thickness and design is perfect to be able to carry it without the wallet “suffering” and without attracting attention. It is true that it is somewhat more expensive than the competition, but it is better than the others. You can buy it on the Nomad website for €37.95 (link) with taxes already included, you just have to add the shipping costs, which are €11.

Tracking Card
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  • Last modification: June 20, 2024


  • Size and design like credit card
  • Wireless charging and MagSafe
  • Autonomy 5 months
  • Network compatible Search
  • IPX7 waterproof


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