Never paying 150 euros more for an iPad had been so worth it

Last week Apple presented and launched through a press release the new 10th generation iPad, the most basic range of all Apple tablets. However, far from removing the 9th generation iPad from the market, it has maintained it. For this reason, in this post we want to tell you the reasons why it is worth buying the 10th generation before the 9th.

design matters

The change that exists between these two iPad models can be seen reflected in the aesthetics that both have. The 9th generation iPad has been the latest Apple model that has had and has the traditional design of the iPad, with Touch ID on the home button and frames that in 2022 make it your old-fashioned computer, despite everything you can do with it.

For its part, the 10th generation iPad finally has the design that the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro already have, a really attractive whole screen which provides users with a larger screen, 10.9 inches, in the same body as before, that is, this iPad is more and better optimized. In addition, this change in design also favors the birth of an accessory that gives a tremendous life to the users who buy it, we are talking about the Magic Keyboard Folioand it is that at last the most basic iPad has a keyboard with trackpad, so you can use iPad just like you would use a MacBook. What has not changed is compatibility with the Apple Pencil, since in this case both models use the first generation.

The biggest advantage is barely seen

However, the biggest change between these two models and advantage for the iPad 10th generation is barely visible, since it is in the port that it has. Users can say goodbye to lightningAnd fortunately USB-C arrives to this device. At a functional level, it is surely the most significant novelty, since it opens up a tremendous range of possibilities for this device.

Not only can you connect different gadgets through this port, but users will be able to use the popular USB-C Hub to connect more accessories if possible. If we take this into account and focus on the type of audience it is aimed at, this iPad, which has also been called the “student iPad”, makes more sense than ever, especially for this type of user.

iPad 10 and keyboard

Until now, the iPad was very attractive, especially for its price, but now it is also attractive because it has the same possibilities as the iPad Air and even the iPad Pro. Being able to connect different storage units, microphones, cameras or any accessory through this port means that students can get much more out of it than before.

For this reason, the price difference, which is obviously large between the 9th generation iPad and the 10th generation, is fully justified since at a functional level the jump is quite considerable. The 9th generation iPad starts, currently in the Apple Store, from the €429while the 10th generation iPad starts from the €579.