Apple Display To Get Cheaper- What Do We Know?

Apple has not been offering any affordable Apple display since the Thunderbolt display was discontinued in 2016- but that is about to change. Currently, Apple has only been selling the $5,000 Pro Display XDR, but there have been rumors about new standalone displays currently in the works. Although there isn’t much information about it right now, everything that has been reported has been verified. 

Apple Display Currently In the Works

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg- who has garnered fame through providing accurate insights into the plans of Apple, there is a successor to the Thunderbolt Apple Display in the works- which will hopefully be sold as a lower-cost consumer-oriented monitor alongside the Pro Display XDR. It has been reported that the display will definitely not be as expensive as the Pro Display XDR, and as a result of this, it will find itself with a reduced contrast ratio and brightness in comparison.

It is also possible that the company is planning on releasing the Apple Display in two different sizes- perhaps 24 inches and 27 inches. LG has also been working on creating new standalone displays that could be for Apple in 24, 27, and 32-inch sizes. The new 24 and 27-inch models could be the new lower-cost options, while the 32-inch model could be a follow-up to the Pro Display XDR. As is pretty well-known, Apple has already been making iMacs with a 24-inch and 27-inch monitor, so it would make perfect sense for standalone displays to come in the same options for size. 

What is understood is the Apple Display would be a direct successor to the Pro Display XDR. As a result, it would be expected to measure in at 32 inches like the current model- whilst offering a 6k resolution just the same.