New Apple Foldable iPad

In 2024, Apple could release its first foldable product, which might be a folding iPad. A new foldable iPad may be added to the range in 2019, even though a new iPad may not be released until 2023.

Apple has reportedly been working on a foldable iPad, although analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did not specify a release date. Kuo now claims in a tweet that he is “sure” the iPad will be released as early as next year.

In the tweet, Kuo makes a 10 to 15% reduction in iPad shipment predictions for 2023. The next foldable iPad’s launch in 2024, according to the expert, will increase shipments while also enhancing the product mix.

New Apple Foldable iPad Will Be Released Soon

Kuo only mentions that the foldable iPad would have a carbon fiber kickstand as information about what to anticipate from it. New M2 series chipsets, MacBooks, Mac minis, and HomePod were all introduced by Apple in 2023. It will soon introduce its first mixed-reality headset, along with new iPhones, Apple Watches, and possibly even the Apple Silicon Mac Pro. However, Kuo speculates that we might not receive a new iPad this year.

A new iPad Mini will debut in 2024. Along with the iPad, Kuo predicts that Apple will update the iPad mini with a new chip in 2024. According to Kuo, the next iPad will begin mass production in the first quarter of 2024.

Rumors suggested that the iPad would try to displace the iPad mini, but Kuo said that would not be the case. According to the expert, the foldable iPad will cost far more than the iPad mini. The folding iPad is therefore not expected to ever succeed the iPad mini.