Once the new Release Candiadate version of iOS has been released to developers and they have been checking the news, the existence of new Beats brand headphones that will be full size has been discovered in the code and that is more than likely that take the name of Beats Studio Pro. From what is seen in the images we can see that they are very similar to the Beats Studio that are already on the market.

It’s been five years since the full-size Beats model was released and there has been no update to them since. But in the code of the new beta version released yesterday by Apple, the Release Candidate of iOS and also of macOS, it has been possible to discover that a new model of full helmets that will have the denomination of Beats Pro.

In addition, the existing images warn that they may come in four colors, white, black, blue and brown. What is not known is when they could be launched or how much they will cost. But taking into account that the final version of the operating systems is expected next week, there we will see, I think, more information and we will be able to narrow down the release date a little better. Now, it is very likely that they will be announced at the end of this month or the middle of next month.

What is not clear is whether the headphones will come with the new chip or we will keep the H1 from Apple. What it does seem like they will bring is better active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode, and even custom Spatial Audio, this feature is integrated for the first time.

By the way, from the codenames, it looks like these new helmets are being developed in collaboration with British designer Samuel Ross.