New Dynamic Dock For macOS

Trivedi provides a few ideas of what a dynamic dock on a Mac would look like in his 23-second mockup video. To engage with the pinned people, for instance, place the trackpad on the Messages symbol. The Mac version of iMessage does not presently allow you to preview messages by moving the pointer over one of them. We haven’t seen another update to the Mac software UI since macOS Big Sur gave the programs in the dock a more iOS-like appearance. Designer Janum Trivedi submitted his idea for a macOS dock with a more dynamic and fluid appearance after considering the potential changes to macOS.

Dynamic Dock Leaked

With Apple Music, the app transforms into a mini-player that allows you to play, stop, or skip to the next/previous song. Safari is on its way to displaying how long it will take to complete a download. The concept behind the Mac dynamic dock is explained by the designer. “Icons could be expanded automatically, like when music is playing, or manually, like when you want to see pinned chats all the time.” The material is vivid to fit the design language of the pier.”

What’s intriguing about this Mac dynamic dock is that Apple just enabled hover support for the M2 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, which might lead to similar software modifications. Furthermore, it is reported that Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro will be expanded with iOS 17.

According to current rumors, Apple will also add dynamic widgets to the iPhone and iPad’s home screens. As this designer has demonstrated, the macOS might get something similar. Another designer, Andreas Storm, also submitted a similar dynamic dock for the Mac in the comments to his proposal, indicating that more individuals believe a dynamic dock will be the next level of interaction for Mac devices.

Although it’s unclear whether Apple will implement this change, at least we can hope that it will be a useful feature request for a future macOS release.