New Face ID Update Lets Users Unlock Their iPhones While Masked-Up

Apple is all set to release a new update for the Face ID technology in iPhones that is especially geared towards the present pandemic era. The update should be officially announced in the upcoming weeks. It will debut a new Face ID feature that will let users unlock their iPhones without having to take off their masks.

The Latest Face ID Feature Promises To Be Helpful

The update, which will contain various other tweaks, will come with the next big software update for iOS. Apple believes that the new technology can recognize the facial features of Face ID users even while they are hidden behind a mask.

The update will come as part of the iOS 15.4 version update. Presently, it is still being tested and is in the beta stage of development. Bloomberg reports that the company will possibly roll the update out to the majority of the phones before the end of March. The new Face ID unlocks feature can be used by users of iPads as well as iPhones.

It will be a quality of life for the users, and they will have to choose whether to use the Face ID feature or not. As for how the feature works, Apple says that the phone’s AI identifies the users using the unique features near the area of the eye.

Before this change, users could only use a convoluted workaround to unlock their devices using Face ID. Moreover, they had to have an Apple Watch for it. Nevertheless, the feature will hit the streets even as many localities are beginning to ease up on mask requirements. The Covid Omicorn variant has begun to die down. Other updates that will come with the iOS 15.4 software update will be the debut of “Universal Control” as well as a new additional widget for Apple Card.