New features for watchOS 9, Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8

One of the most important novelties of this 2022 at Apple has been the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. It can be said that it has been one more thing for Apple and users who were looking forward to seeing the rumors of a more powerful and larger smartwatch come true. It has not disappointed and its features shine by themselves. Of course, accompanied by a watchOS 9 that has delighted all users by incorporating really good features. An operating system that fits the Series 8 like a glove. The best thing about all this is that they continue to be launched new features and Apple has them in the oven. Let’s see.

The best thing about having launched a new operating system is that better features can be incorporated and that they also fit perfectly with existing devices. We are talking about the Apple Watch Ultra and the Series 8 that coexist perfectly thanks to watchOS 9. An operating system in which there are functions that the American company already warned that it was going to launch as time went by. Some are still in the oven, but others are already starting to rear their heads.

Detection of athletic tracks

Track detection Apple Watch Ultra

For the Apple Watch Ultra, the company includes a preview of track detection and how it will work with the Workout app in a future update. The function automatically detects when you arrive at a running track and asks you which lane you’re using to get the most accurate metrics.

Workout detects when you reach a track and uses both Apple Maps data and GPS to provide the most accurate pace, distance and route map

Same route: Race against yourself

If your exercise routine includes running outside or biking in the same route, an upcoming update will help us compete against ourselves. The running route is a new feature coming to the Training app in an update to watchOS 9.

If it is an outdoor running or cycling training that you do often, you can choose compete against your last or best result and receive in-the-moment updates to help you get there.

ms route on Apple Watch

International roaming on Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8

It will come at last. The being able to speak from the clock while outside our country. International roaming is a new cellular feature for both Series 8 and Ultra.

With the international roamingmake calls, send texts, stream music and get emergency help in many of the places your travels take you


An update to watchOS 9 and Family Setup will bring more HomeKit capabilities to Apple Watch than ever before. set up for children. A future update will also allow parents to add house keys, hotel keys and more to Wallet and all for the little ones, through Family Setup.

Your kids can be invited to the Home app as members and can control your speakers HomePod and smart home accessories like thermostats and lights.

Depth and Oceanic + for Apple Watch Ultra

Apple’s Depth app helps record depth and measure water temperature. Also, there is a third-party diving app called Oceanic + It is yet to come but it looks very good. Rather than build its own dive app, Apple relies on the experts at Oceanic to turn the Ultra into a dive computer. You already know that Apple Watch Ultra is rated for recreational diving up to 40 meters.

The Oceanic+ app on iPhone goes beyond calculating just depth and time by integrating local conditions like tides, water temperature, and even community-fed information like visibility and currents. Or just use your watch to quickly and easily plan your dive. All the safety warnings you expect from a dive computer are built into Oceanic+, from decompression limits to excessive ascent rates to safety stops.


All these functions will be the ones that we can enjoy in the different models of Apple Watch. It is true that the singing voice will be carried by the Apple Watch Ultra, but it is normal, since it has just been launched and they are also functions that are intended for a watch that is highly intended for sports to have them implemented. It is true that we could open a debate about whether these functions should already be inside the Apple Watch Ultra, but that is something that will always happen. The ideal is to think that they are about to arrive to the joy of many users.

The best thing is that there are also news in watchOs 9 so many users who do not yet have the Ultra, we will be able to enjoy.