The device that helps us find everything we can lose. The same one that some people have been misusing, it has just been updated. Apple has released a new update for AirTags. We cannot tell you what or what are the novelties introduced by the American company, because it has not been officially provided. We assume these are bug fixes and performance improvements, because at the moment, even developers They have not found anything new in that firmware which you can install.

AirTags just got a new update. As we said at the beginning, it is not known if Apple has introduced any improvements, beyond those of performance. We don’t know because Apple doesn’t usually count now what is included in new firmware. It has happened with AirPods and it also happens, sometimes with the iPhone or iPad, although it is not normal. With the devices with which we can interact and execute, it is usually notified of what is included. This is the iPhone, iPad and Mac. But, for example, with AirPods, you don’t notice what’s new. In fact, with the first ones we can manually form the update by requesting it through settings>general. But with others we must have faith and think that when they are paired, the desired update occurs.

It is true that we can verify that they have indeed been updated, but nothing more. With the AirTags. The updated build number is 2A24e, which comes to replace firmware 1A301 that was released in April. We assume that what has been added are bug fixes and performance will have been improved.

This update joins the AirPods update and the release of beta 2 of iOS 16.2 It does seem that it will include a few new features.