New Focus Mode And Here’s How To Use It

Focus mode, an enhancement of Do Not Disturb that lets you set up various permissions for applications, contacts, and more based on what you are doing, was introduced by Apple in iOS 15. Apple has increased the functionality of Focus modes in iOS 16 with additional features, such as the addition of Focus Filters. When you utilize a Focus with a filter set, the filter-enabled app will only display the items you have chosen and conceal everything else. 

How To Use Focus Mode

For example, you may block out activities from your family calendar if you have a work Focus. With Focus Filters, you may exclude the following:

Calendar – If you have separate calendars set up for business and family, you can only link one calendar to a Focus so that when that Focus is enabled, you only see events that are pertinent.

Mail – You get to choose any one of your Mail accounts to link to a Focus, and when you do, the Mail app will only display the accounts you’ve chosen when you’re in that Focus.

Messages – You may configure the Messages app to only show messages from the People list you selected for the specific Focus mode. Therefore, if you have a “Personal” Focus that excludes all contacts from work when you turn on the Personal Focus, you won’t receive their messages in the Messages app.

Safari – Safari may be configured to only display a certain Tab Group while the Focus is on. The Tab Group must be configured in advance in the Safari app.

Dark Mode: For a Focus, you may select between Dark mode or Light mode.

Low Power Mode: Using a Focus, you may choose whether to activate or disable Low Power mode.