New Google Pixel Watch Is The Best Alternative To The Apple Watch

The release of the Google Pixel Watch was one of the most anticipated products announced during the Made by Google event. The new smartwatch is an extension of Google’s product lineup and an alternative to Apple’s Watch. New questions have been brought to light with the release of the Google Pixel Watch, such as whether or not it is superior to the Apple Watch.

There are several noteworthy improvements to the new Pixel smartphones, but it is the Pixel Watch that has attracted the most attention.

Google Pixel Watch Has A Lot Of Impressive Features

The new smartwatch’s capabilities, including the ability to sync with a user’s Fitbit, are a big part of why it is garnering so much attention. Nearly every aspect of the Fitbit health-tracking experience is now available on the new Google Pixel Watch. It has a variety of preinstalled sports modes, sophisticated tracking systems, and a comprehensive sleep monitor.

But certain essential health features are missing from the Google Pixel Watch. As far as we can tell, the new smartwatch does not include an automated workout tracking feature. As opposed to the Apple Watch, it cannot detect arrhythmias. Both a temperature sensor and a SpO2 monitor, which are staples of high-end smartwatches, are absent here.

The new Pixel Watch looks and feels great, and it also has some new features. It has a classic round face with a digital crown for straightforward operation. The streamlined, rounded shape not only looks great but also allows customers to make their wristwatch unique. In addition, Google’s new wristwatch is made entirely from recyclable materials. As with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the Google Pixel Watch has a circular OLED display measuring 1.4 inches.  

There is no doubt that in future years, Apple and Google will compete even more fiercely. The Apple Watch seems to be unique at this time.