New HomePod, this is all you need to know

Rumors about the possibility of Apple launching a new HomePod were there, although the reality is that nobody imagined that this would happen so soon. It is a new launch that, of course, has not left anyone indifferent, so in this post we want to tell you everything you need to know about this new device from the Cupertino company.

What’s new in the 2nd generation HomePod

When Apple pulled the first-generation HomePod from the market in March 2021, no one expected that two years later re-launch a product that had so many similarities to this teamand it is that yes, the first thing you have to know is that surely, at first glance, it is difficult for you to differentiate the 2nd generation HomePod from the 1st generation HomePod, since the design they have is practically the same. It is true that in the upper part, where the touch panel is located, which has been slightly modified, the shape is not exactly the same, but they are certainly quite similar.

Now, of course, Apple has not taken the 1st generation HomePod, it has changed the name and has launched it on the market under the name of 2nd generation HomePod, this new device has a series of very interesting innovations, not so much in terms of sound, but certainly in everything related to home automation, that is, with HomeKit.

For Apple, both the HomePod and the HomePod mini are the center of all home automation that can turn a house into a smart home, and of course this launch of the 2nd generation HomePod is very representative of that. Those of Cupertino have incorporated two new sensors, such as humidity and temperature, and yes, now the HomePod will be able to tell you what the temperature and humidity are in the place where it is. In addition, you will also be able to detect smoke or charcoal alarms thanks to the built-in sound sensors.

One of the most obvious new features that this HomePod had to have, but which is also one of the most important is the compatibility with Matter, the new standard in terms of home automation. On the other hand, inside it has the chip S7 and H1as well as with 4 microphones and 5 tweeters which together will offer an even better sound quality than the one already offered by the 1st generation HomePod, and beware that that is saying a lot.

Is this HomePod worth it?

This question has several possible answers, since everything will depend on your apple ecosystem and also, of course, whether or not you already have a 1st generation HomePod. The sound quality that these devices are capable of offering is truly incredible, and that is why if you have a good Apple ecosystem and want a powerful and high-quality speaker, this 2nd generation HomePod is the ideal option for it.

new HomePod

Nevertheless, if what you want is to “update” your 1st generation HomePod Because of this new team, the doubts are very big about whether it is really worth it or not. And it is also that you have to take into account that when forming a stereo pair, this HomePod is not compatible with the 1st generation, nor with the mini, as is the case with these two models, which can only be form a stereo pair with another of the same model.

Finally, you have to take into account the price of this device, although the HomePod mini attracts attention for having a really cheap price compared to what it offers, this new 2nd generation HomePod continues the line marked by the of 1st generation, having a price of 349 euro.