New iOS 16 Home App Review

The Home app has not seen a significant amount of change since its debut. Although additional device types have been introduced, the fundamental functionality has not changed. Apple has rethought the smart home with iOS 16 Home.

The Home app treats a light switch, heater, security system, and webcams differently since they are not the same devices. Quicker access to certain categories like TVs, speakers, cameras, lighting, etc. is made possible with iOS 16 Home. You may find all of your home’s accessories linked to climate under the section titled “Climate.” Even though it is not as comprehensive as HomeCam, iOS 16 Home makes it easier to see numerous cameras at once. A lot of new icons may be used to distinguish between various devices. I really appreciate the ability to customize icon sizes on various devices.

iOS 16 Home App Is Amazing

The iOS 15 HomeKit UI does not scale when your HomeKit environment develops over 10 or more devices, which is something I started to notice over the past year. Based on my early testing with iOS 16, I believe Apple is fixing this issue. Apple’s approach is ideal for a HomeKit-based smart home setup.

The Home app appears to be a tremendous enhancement thanks to Apple’s first-principles approach. According to Apple, iOS 16 increases overall Homekit dependability. Although text found in the iOS 16 beta code suggested that Apple intended to remove support for the iPad home hub in the forthcoming release, it turns out that is not nearly the whole story. The iPad will not get a significant upgrade that will be made later, but the firm claims that it will not lose support for what it can now perform.

According to Apple, the new architecture will continue to support the HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV HD, and Apple TV 4K as home hubs. You will need to purchase one of those other devices if you are currently using your iPad as a home hub and wish to benefit from the new architecture.