We can almost say that the rumors about the lack of an event in October to present the new Mac and iPad models is a reality. It seems so due to the new predictions made by the specialized analyst, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. He states that we will soon be able to see how the American company will present the new iPad Pro with the M2 chip. No events, it will be something very cold, but the renewal of what is so far the best Tablet on the market will be presented. By the way, nothing is known about Macs yet.

Mark Gurman is almost always right in his predictions or rumors that he launches. This time it was no different. As of the date we are, there will be no event in October to present new iPad or Mac. However, there will be new devices of this caliber. In fact, Mark Gurman has just announced that we will soon be able to have the renewal of the iPad Pro on the market. do not expect many changes. It will be something very similar to what has happened with the iPhone or the Apple Watch. It will be a continuing trend, but the interior will be renewed.

The new iPad Pro will bring us the M2 chip but with the same line and design. Something that we already saw in the iPad Air presented in June. Codenamed J617 and J620, the new iPad Pro models will keep the current form factor with 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens. If you have an older model with an M1 chip, the truth is that the change would not make much sense. The M2 chip is about 20% faster than the M1, meaning you’re unlikely to notice a significant jump in performance compared to the current model.

This new iPad Pro will be accompanied by a new basic iPad model. Codenamed J272, this iPad model will have a nnew design and a USB-C port instead of Lightning, as well as 5G support.

It seems to be matter of days.