New iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked

Even though we have heard a lot about the iPhone 15 Pro, it appears that we are now getting our first glimpse at the gadget in the form of new renderings. This is purportedly based on a CAD model from a reputable case maker, however, the final product may look different.

If something is only one hue, it might be difficult to see the little distinctions between it and anything else. The experts at 9to5Mac note, however, that there are several significant differences between the iPhone 14 Pro and the new model. Maybe the most noticeable alteration is the replacement of the Lightning connector with a USB-C connection. The port brings appears to be located on the base, close to the downward-firing speaker, the same as on the existing model. 

iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked

The news source also mentions the phone’s slimmer shape and the rounded corners where the glass meets the metal frame as distinct characteristics. As a result, the entire design flows a little bit better, especially around the borders. The present version has sharp edges, thus this is sure to feel much better as well. The back camera array appears to have seen a thickness increase, both in terms of the island and the lenses.

It has been speculated that Apple’s next iPhone 15 Pro models may have a periscope zoom camera, albeit the reasoning for this speculation is still unknown. The button region has also undergone some modifications. Because of rumors that Apple would eliminate physical buttons, these devices may look slightly different from earlier iterations. We recognize that circumstances may alter or that this CAD model may be inaccurate. The only way to find out is to wait for the release of the newest iPhone later this year.