We continue with the rumors about the new iPhone 15 Pro of which there are still months to be presented and we are afraid that until that moment arrives, we will continue talking a lot about the possible new and differentiating elements that this model may have compared to the current 14 Pro. If yesterday we talked about the possible haptic buttons of the new model, now what the new gossip tells us is that the LiDAR scanner of the iPhone 15 Pro will be better than the current one.

Each new model that is presented of the device that is, is supposed to be better than the previous one. If not, what are the updates for? New models imply new technologies, with Apple it no longer implies novelties, but rather new elements. This is that the above should be improved. Better chip in each new iPhone model, better camera and better features in short. When we talk about the Pro model, we have to the qualities must be better in all aspects.

The new rumor indicates that the camera of the iPhone 15 Pro model will be better and that implies that one of its features must be improved. In this case we are talking about the LiDAR scanner. You already know, Light Detection and Ranging which implies being able to use light to be able to make more precise measurements. It measures the time it takes a light source to reach an object and reflect it and we have it since the iPhone 12.

This new rumor comes from a fairly reliable source: Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley said that Sony could supply most, if not all, then the LiDAR scanner components for the iPhone 15 Pro models launching later this year.

As always when rumors arise, it is a matter of time. Knowing if they will finally come true or will remain just words that the wind takes away. We’ll be alert.