New iPhone Will Have A USB Type C Port

In order to comply with new European Union regulations that mandate that every new smartphone be compatible with a standard USB-C charging cable by 2024, Apple has stated that it would change the primary cable for its iPhones in the future (meant for the EU at least).

Joanna Stern brought up the subject when she questioned whether Apple will be replacing Lighting at The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference. Greg Joswiak, the director of marketing at Apple, said, “Obviously, we will have to comply; we have no other option.”

iPhones Will Now Have Type C Port

In response to the question of whether the business will include the connection on phones sold outside the EU, Joswiak stated that “the Europeans are the ones defining timing for European customers.” Apple, however, is not pleased with the modification.

“We believe that not having a government be that prescriptive would have been better environmentally and for our clients,” said Joswiak.

Apple made a rare public statement concerning the future of its products at the Tech Live conference. There have long been speculations that Apple is developing iPhones with USB-C connectors and has been steadily adding USB-C ports to its Mac computers and iPad tablets.

The frequently discussed idea of a portless iPhone that relies solely on wireless charging was not addressed by Team Apple. According to Joswiak, the business will abide by the law as it does with all others. When the iPhone might get the charger to replace Lightning, he chose not to say. At a Wall Street Journal conference in Laguna Beach, California, he said such things.

He recalled how European officials had once pushed Apple to switch to Micro-USB and said that Apple and the EU had been in conflict over chargers for a decade. According to him, if the move had not taken place, neither Lightning, the present iPhone charging connector, nor the widely used USB-C would have been created.