New leaks portend a larger iPhone 16 Pro Max

We are very close to knowing the novelties of the operating systems of the next year that we will know in the inaugural keynote of WWDC23. And a little further away are the iPhone 15 along with its redesign and the arrival of USB-C. But for that we will have to wait until September. However, a few hours ago they were published new leaks of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, a device that we will not see until September 2024. Following the line of the old rumors, it seems that Apple will rescue the name ‘Ultra’ for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, in addition to increasing its screen to 6.9 inches.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max could adopt the name ‘Ultra’

The iPhone 15 is just around the corner and no major changes are expected, neither in name, nor in dimensions, nor are structural changes that are going to modify the course of the forecasts that we have been learning about in the form of rumors in recent months. A few weeks ago we told you about the trend of rumors to place the screens of the iPhone 16, the next generation, a little larger than those of the predecessors. In fact, today the rumor is confirmed again with new designs (CAD) in which you can see the dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Render iPhone 16 Pro Max

First of all, Apple seems to be considering ending the name Pro Max to replace it with ‘Ultra’, which is what happened with the Apple Watch last year. On the other hand, as we can see in the renders published by 9to5mac throughout the article, we see a iPhone 16 Pro Max (or Ultra) with a 6.9-inch screen and full-size growth compared to the size expected from the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Renewed buttons on iPhone 15 Pro

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The important thing in size increases is to take the user into account. If it grows too long, the user will not be able to catch it well. Therefore, you have to know and decide where the screen increases and we clearly see that it does so a little in width and quite a bit in length with the following dimensions

  • Width: 77.2mm (vs 76.7mm on the iPhone 15 Pro Max)
  • Height: 165.0mm (vs 159.8mm on the iPhone 15 Pro Max)
  • Screen size: 6.9 ”(vs. 6,. inches of the iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Beyond this leak, other experts also comment that Apple is thinking of increasing the size of the screen of the most standard models, reaching the 6.3 inches. We are, therefore, facing a new increase in the general size of the iPhone, making it difficult to access phones More smalls. However, more than a year and 5 months after the iPhone 16, These data should be taken with great caution.