New MacBook M3 in sight!

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And this time, the river sounds like a MacBook and the running water is the M3 processors. Although there have been rumors for some time about the third generation of Apple Silicon processors, and the equipment that can assemble them in the first batch, now important information has just been learned from supply chains. Do you want to know what the thing is about? We tell you everything!

One of the most reliable indicators to know when an Apple product is around the corner is what the different manufacturers and suppliers provide. These intermediaries are the ones who take stock of all the parts and components that will later be used to manufacture the different equipment.

And no matter how much secrecy Apple wants to have, all logistics and manufacturing companies need inventory forecasts to be able to correctly manage all parts of the process.

2024 is the year in which they are expected

As reported by the English-speaking news portal 9to5Mac, “a new supply chain report says that Apple plans to transition to three-nanometer processors in 2024.”

The media does not cite what that “supply chain” is, but they can confirm that this movement coincides with the rumors that have emerged in recent months, from different specialized media and analysts.

«Bloomberg reported last July that we could see the first Macs with M3 in October. It seemed a little early, especially after the introduction of the M2 models. Things changed during the following month (August), when the same source pointed out the possibility of a Mac mini M3 in October, but without mentioning MacBooks,” they explain.

“Last September, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that we would not be seeing any MacBooks with M3 until 2024,” they comment.

A Mac is not the same as a MacBook

We must point out something that is very important: The M3 processor as an individual product is not the same as a Mac with M3, but not a MacBook with M3. What’s news here is the fact that Mac laptops with the next generation of Apple Silicon are going to arrive, most likely, in 2024. And this fact has been confirmed by Apple’s own suppliers.

“There is still hope that we can see some M3s before these, and not just laptops,” they reflect. The truth is that one of the most popular potential candidates to launch the new generation of M3s is the 24-inch iMac.

iMac 24

This equipment presented a complete redesign in 2021. And since then we have not heard anything else from Apple’s official side. After having seen a very succulent batch of M2 processors in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro, this device is the last in its family that only has the M1 processor.

This generational leap is expected to be significant. Not only for the M2, but also for this iMac with M1 chip, since for the first time we would have a computer processor manufactured in 3 nanometer architecture. Same construction design as the A17 pro processors of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.