New MacBooks May Have Touch Screens Soon

Apple Inc. is developing touch displays for its MacBooks, a move that would break with long-standing business tradition and adopt a design philosophy previously dubbed “ergonomically horrible” by co-founder Steve Jobs.

According to insiders familiar with the project, Apple engineers are actively working on it, which suggests that the corporation is seriously contemplating creating touch-screen Macs for the first time. Even so, a launch has not been scheduled in stone, and things might change.

The business has maintained for more than ten years that touch displays don’t function well on laptops and that, if someone wants a touch interface, the iPad is a superior choice. Apple has also been concerned that the sales of the iPad may be harmed by touch-screen Macs.

Apple Working On Touch Screens For MacBooks 

But competitors are increasingly equipping laptops with touch displays, which puts pressure on Apple to follow suit. The firm now generates more revenue than the iPad thanks to a recent Mac comeback, so it wants to maintain a competitive PC selection.

According to the individuals, who requested anonymity because the plans are confidential, the business may release its first touch-screen Mac in 2025 as part of a wider update to the MacBook Pro.

Apple’s spokesman in Cupertino, California failed to respond to a request for comment. On Wednesday, Apple shares increased 2.1% to $133.49. In 2023 thus far, the stock has up 2.7%.

According to current plans, Apple’s first touch-screen MacBook Pro will still have a classic laptop form with a trackpad and keyboard. However, exactly like an iPhone or iPad, the laptop’s screen would accept touch input and gestures. Apple could eventually add touch capabilities to additional Mac models.