New Qi2 Standard For Wireless Devices

Qi2 Standard, a new wireless charging standard, will be released by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in order to unify the industry under a single international standard and improve the efficiency and convenience of charging mobile devices and wearables.

The global consortium will launch the Qi2 standard later this year, and it will provide millions of users who rely on wireless charging with a better user experience. The WPC is an international organization working to establish standards for wireless power and charging that are reliable, effective, and interoperable.

Qi2 Standard Will Make Life Easier

“Consumers and retailers have expressed confusion over the difference between devices that are Qi Certified and those that make similar claims but are not Qi Certified. According to Paul Struhsaker, executive director of the Wireless Power Consortium, this uncertainty might result in a bad user experience and even safety concerns.

Apple®, a WPC member, contributed the foundation for the new Qi2 standard by leveraging its MagSafe® technology. The new Magnetic Power Profile, which serves as the foundation of Qi2, was created by Apple® and other WPC members. Phones and other mobile devices with rechargeable batteries will be perfectly aligned with charging devices according to Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile, resulting in increased energy efficiency and quicker charging.

In a fast-developing industry where around one billion transmitters and receivers will be supplied globally in 2023, the Qi2 (pronounced “chee two”) standard will replace its predecessor, Qi. The introduction of the Qi2 standard will increase the market for wireless charging by allowing the sale of new accessories that can’t be charged using the existing flat surface-to-flat surface technology.

Some gadgets will be able to charge more quickly thanks to Qi2’s enhanced efficiency and compatibility, and it will open the door for major future advances in wireless charging rates that are secure, energy-efficient, and won’t decrease battery life or harm a user’s phone.

For the holiday shopping season of 2023, Qi2 Certified mobile phones and chargers are anticipated to be available.