Two years ago Apple announced the purchase of Primephonic, the most important streaming classical music service at the moment. In fact, from Cupertino they promised and assured that Apple Music Classical would arrive as an app (integrated or not with Apple Music) with the aim of investing the acquisition of Primephonic in the music service of the Big Apple. However, almost two years later there is no trace of this app. Just references and more internal references are seen in the beta code for iOS developers. This time it is the beta of iOS 16.4 which includes references about this app.

Very soon we will have Apple Music Classical with us

Let’s not fool ourselves. Sometimes when we try to inform about some news or future applications and services from Apple we get frustrated. This is because appearances are deceptive and not everything that appears to be real is. A clear example of this is the soap opera we’re having around creating Apple Music Classical by Apple, an application dedicated exclusively to classical music that Cupertino was going to integrate thanks to the purchase of Primephonic, as we had told you.

Throughout the developer betas of both iOS 15 and iOS 16 we have seen references that predicted the launch of the service in the near future. But that has not been the case and it is difficult to read between the lines and guide short-term predictions. In fact, The iOS 16.4 developer beta returns with references to Apple Music Classical.


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Apple buys classical music service Primephonic to integrate with Apple Music

On this occasion, the beta code guides the operation of the application which will be an independent app to Apple Music, but what It will require its installation for its operation. In other words, you must have the Apple Music app and the Apple Music Classical app for it to work correctly, as can be seen in the following notice found in the iOS 16.4 code:

To listen to Apple Music Classical, you’ll need to install Apple Music

Given these new references, we cannot say that we are close to Apple’s classical music app. But what is clear is that finally we will have the service as an independent app to the official music service of the big apple. What we do not know is if the launch will be done on iOS 16.4 or if from Cupertino they will wait for iOS 17.