All the rumors seem to point to Apple maintaining the continuity of the iPhone 15 design with respect to the current iPhone 14 model. However, there will be significant changes in two directions. Firstly, in the solid side buttons that would become haptic buttons and, secondly, design and size modifications in the rear cameras. Usually in summer the rumors begin to grow exponentially and that is what seems to be beginning to be seen on the networks. a new rumor shows new renders with exact sizes of the entire structure of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with a rear bulge for larger camera.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and its bump for the largest camera

Leaks for new iPhones usually come from somewhere in the production chain that has information about future devices. The most powerful leaks come from information close to Cupertino and also from accessories production factories that they begin to have the measurements of the next devices to start producing and designing covers and accessories for those devices.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Renderings

On yesterday the Twitter user @ShrimpApplePro posted new renders with information from a case manufacturer. These new renders show the design of the next iPhone 15 Pro Max that will be released in September. Many of the novelties included in these renders have already been rumored in the previous weeks. However, visualizing the result of these leaks in models brings us closer to a real vision of what the new iPhone 15 Pro Max will look like.

Renewed buttons on iPhone 15 Pro

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The user also shared precise measurements. You can highlight the rear camera complex bulge which is 3.78 millimeters 5% larger than the bump on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This aspect is controversial since some leakers orient the protrusion of the iPhone 15 thinner than in previous models. We will have to refine the information and be careful with this value.

Beyond this, possible changes to the side buttons are also discussed, although “how strange” it looks is not described. Apparently, structure changes are coming in these interaction buttons and even a new design of the mute button. However, the renders do not show much more than a design similar to the iPhone 14. But the trend of the last few weeks is in the renewal of the side buttons to replace them with haptic buttons.