New renders show an iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and a new design

The iPhone 15 in its entire range begins to be on the lips of all the rumors and predictions. There is still a long way to go to know the exact news of the devices, in fact we will have to wait until September. However, a few hours ago they have published some renders with the possible final design of the iPhone 15 Pro extracted through some plans of a manufacturer of covers. this design shows much more gradual curves, with the advent of haptic buttons on the sides and with the disappearance of the Lightning connector, as it had been rumored in recent months.

A more curved design, without Lightning and more ‘Mac-like’: the next iPhone 15 Pro

The filtered files for the realization of these renders come from an Asian factory in charge of preparing the covers for the iPhone 15 Pro for the commercialization of the product once presented. These CAD files can be modeled and visually rendered to show what the devices would look like and this has been done by 9to5mac.

Rendering iPhone 15 Pro

The result, therefore, It is an approach to the reality of what the iPhone 15 Pro could finally be like. It emphasizes, above all, the removal of the Lightning port and the arrival of USB-C. This is something that we already assumed because the European Union had placed important restrictions and regulations in relation to the homogenization of cargo ports starting this year. However, these USB-Cs are likely to have limitations.

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If we focus more on the design we see how the curves of the entire iPhone 15 Pro are much more defined and fluid both on the frame and on the glass. And this could be due to the approach of the design to the Mac, therefore we are facing a Mac-like design that could lay the foundations of future devices. should also be reviewed the rear cameras, a little larger than in previous generations, which could indicate new sensors and cameras that take up more space than on the iPhone 14 Pro, for example.

Rendering iPhone 15 Pro

Finally, we can look at how the mute button on the side is slightly different than the previous ones, as well as we see that the side buttons to raise, lower volume and lock the device have a different arrangement. And it could be related to the integration of haptic technology instead of mechanical technology as up to now.