New reports indicate that the A-16 chip costs Apple twice as much as its previous version.

Perhaps the reason for the price of iPhones being so high in Europe this year has been found out. As you know, one of the most unpleasant features of the iPhone 14 is its quite high prices in Europe, especially. Tell that to the Turks. Anyway, how Apple has not spoken to give an explanation of these new prices, we have to speculate. It could be, and it can only be, that one of the reasons is because the new chip that these phones have, the A-16, cost the company more than twice as much as last year.

According to new reports that have just come to light, the A-16 Bionic chip that mounts the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, It costs 2.4 times more than its previous version, the A-15 of the iPhone 13. Exactly this new chip costs Apple the amount of 110 dollars, which in exchange comes to about 112. Why not venture to say that it is one of the factors that has led Apple to increase prices in Europe? It is not the only reason, but surely it has influenced something.

The reason for the price increase of these new chips, This is mainly because it is manufactured based on TSMC’s 4nm process, while the A15 is a 5nm chip. By this rule of thumb, we have to deduce that if each new iPhone will have even smaller but more powerful brains, it is to be expected that the price will become more expensive. The A17 chip in the iPhone 15 Pro models will be based on TSMC’s 3nm process. But it is already known that the largest manufacturer, TSMC, will start volume production of 2nm chips in 2025.

What does this translate to? Well, according to that report, the production costs of the iPhone 14 have increased by 20% relative to the previous model. So it is logical to think that the iPhone 15 will surely be worth 2,000 euros.