We are almost about to open the gifts that their Majesties The Magi from the East are going to leave us. Perhaps one of those gifts you receive is the new Apple Watch, a perfect gift no matter what your life is like. I mean, if you are an athlete, thanks to watchOS 9 you will have a sports watch that will meet almost all your expectations. If you don’t do a lot of sports, the Apple Watch will help you get started with it, but above all it will keep you connected and help you in your day to day. In fact, you can adjust its look to your lifestyle, thanks to the new Nomad straps.

One of the good aspects of the Apple Watch, which has many, is the ability to change its look and turn a sports watch into an elegant watch for any occasion, thanks to its straps of different designs and materials. However, one of the big problems that the original straps of the American company have are their prices. They are a bit high. Also, if we want an aluminum strap that gives a touch of distinction to the Apple Watch, we are already going at almost prohibitive prices. But for that we have straps from other companies and one of the best, with an enviable quality, is Nomad’s.

Building on the success of its titanium and stainless steel straps, Nomad has launched aluminum ones. Unveiled at CES 2023, they come in a silver or space gray finish to match Apple’s aluminum Apple Watch models. The space gray version has a DLC coating to prevent scratches and both versions have a Easy to use magnetic closure with side buttons for opening.

The best are the prices. Taking into account that they are made of premium material, the prices cannot be very low, but compared to those of Apple, they stay a bargain. For $199 we can get them.