One of the devices that we least expected in the last presentation of Apple was the update of the Apple TV. A new AppleTV vitaminized that even lowered the price. Was the update necessary? Well, that depends on the needs of each one. Many will think that it was something unnecessary, and others will not. The truth is that Apple wants to continue to keep its device alive as a control and entertainment center for our homes, it is so much the interest that tvOS continues to maintain. The new: Multi-user voice recognition for Siri arrives on Apple TV. Keep reading that we tell you all the details.

In case you do not know this function of Siri, it is something that we already have in HomePods, in this way Siri is able to identify the voices of different people and thus respond differently according to their requests. Namely, Siri will play videos or music recommended for the user in question who makes the request to Apple’s virtual assistant. This way will even change the user profile on the Apple TV as well. And it will do this thanks to the voice profiles that each one of us has on our iPhone.

A new feature of Apple TV that It will arrive as we tell you at the launch of tvOS 16.2, it’s already davailable in beta but the truth is that at the moment it is not very functional. There is no need to throw in the towel as we are in the first beta of tvOS 16.2 and this will still take time in Cupertino. A new revitalization of Siri on the Apple TV that has also released a Siri interface making it more modern in the purest iPhone and iPad style. We will see how they improve the new Apple TV and we will tell you all the news that arises for the Apple entertainment device.