New WhatsApp news for groups that lose interest

The new WhatsApp novelty is focused on solving one of the most common problems that users of mobile devices usually face, the lack of storage space! And it is that currently, The messaging application is working on a function that will allow you to remember, delete groups by means of an expiration date.

We usually use WhatsApp to send all kinds of content, from text messages to photos and videos, especially through groups. And it is that, in any way, there comes a point where you end up being part of a large number of them, which becomes a problem.

Surely on more than one occasion you have been in a group created to organize a specific event such as a surprise party, and then loses its usefulness. Such a group can end up becoming a distraction, especially if there are still members continuing to chat.

Expiration of groups: the new WhatsApp news

The new novelty that WhatsApp is testing is a function that will serve to remind you that you must delete groups. This through a configuration called “Groups that expire”, which allows you to will allow the user to set a specific expiration date for the group.

When the option is enabled, WhatsApp will request that groups be cleaned on their expiration date. In this way, it will prevent groups from being abandoned forever in WhatsApp chats, doing nothing more than occupying storage space.

For now this new function is not operational, and in fact it’s not even in the beta program. But, thanks to WABetaInfo we know a little how things are going.

However, in the beta for iPhone, version, you can find a button called expiring groups” or “Expiring Groups”. The truth is that there is very little information about it, but when it is pressed, a screen appears that allows the group to choose the expiration time.

There is no precise information on when this new WhatsApp novelty could see the light. However, there is no doubt that the fact that its development is already active is good news for users.