New York dresses up for the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro, this is how they have decorated the Fifth Avenue store

Apple is about to take an incredible step into the world of mixed reality with the long-awaited launch of its new device, the Apple Vision Pro. Here's how Apple has prepared the Fifth Avenue Apple Store for the occasion.

We cannot deny that the launch of the Apple Vision Pro is an important moment for the company as well. As it could not be otherwise, New York will be the center of attention today, February 2.

Apple's most iconic store is in New York

While Apple stores have always been a landmark for fans of the brand, this time they are taking things to a whole new level with preparations for the launch of the Vision Pro. Images shared by some followers show the construction of a giant replica of the Apple Vision Pro inside the legendary glass cube on Fifth Avenue. This artistic display of the device has generated great expectation.

Tomorrow morning, Apple Vision Pro is here!

February 2, 2024 • 10:34

New York's Fifth Avenue is a place that has been closely associated with Apple since its early days. Steve Jobs hired the architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to design this store, and together they created an all-glass central staircase that has become a hallmark of the brand. This glass cube has become an icon of the city that never sleeps.

The store opened in 2006, when it received approximately 50,000 visitors a week. By 2010, it became the most profitable retailer in the world in terms of revenue per square meter. Apple's attention to detail and passion for innovation are clearly reflected in this store, which serves as a showcase for its products and values. In addition, it was renovated a couple of years ago and now looks even more spectacular. If you want to know more about the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York, you can take a look at all the related information in the app Facades for Apple stores. This is an ideal application to record the Apple stores visited and also know everything related to them.


Apple Vision Pro, the most anticipated day is here

using Apple Vision Pro

With a starting price of $3,500, the Apple Vision Pro is designed for consumers and professionals looking for a premium mixed reality experience. Although it is a first version and analysts who have already tested it say that it needs improvements, it seems to have exceeded expectations.

The company has chosen to launch the device first in the United States before expanding its availability to other countries later in the year. Apple's choice to launch the Vision Pro first in the United States is no coincidence, as this is Apple's “home” market. This strategy allows you to fine-tune your products and services before launching them globally and ensure they fit the needs and expectations of American consumers.