News of the Fitness App in iOS 17

The Fitness application on the iPhone and Apple Watch is one of the ones you probably use the most if you like to do sports with your Apple Watch. This application can give us a lot of information about our state of health and also about our physical capacity. That is why it is important to stay up to date with the latest news and know how we can get the most out of it.

New design, more control over our metrics

On the Fitness app home page we can now more prominently display steps and distance traveled, displayed prominently on the main screen below the activity rings. Additionally, there is now a section called “Trends” where users can see much more clearly the trends of VO2 max, distance traveled, steps, movement, exercise, minutes standing or walking pace. In the same way, on this main page we will now also find a section of “Training tips” where we can view a short video with tips to improve exercise technique or physical condition in general.

Each week, we will receive a tip in the form of a short video that will help improve performance and get the most out of our exercise routine. These tips offer additional guidance to keep motivation and fitness goals within reach.

Additionally, the “Training” section has been transformed into “Record”, which reflects a more complete vision of physical activity. We will not only find the traditional registered training, but also the full attention sessions, highlighting the importance of mental health in general well-being.

A section dedicated to our awards and trophies

For those who are motivated by reward, the new version of the Fitness app in iOS 17 features a redesigned trophy “shelf.” This feature not only allows us to see all the awards we have won, but also shows the ones we are aiming for. The interface is super attractive and also shows us the date on which we have completed the challenges, including the “limited edition” challenges.

Ultimately, iOS 17 has transformed the experience of the native Fitness app on the iPhone and Apple Watch to make it easier and more accessible to all users. With a more informative and user-friendly Fitness app like this one, weekly tips from expert trainers, and a trophy rack to keep you motivated, Apple has taken a big step forward in its commitment to helping users stay fit. Users are going to depend less and less on third-party physical activity applications, which is very convenient.

What do you think of these new features in the iOS 17 Fitness app? Are you excited to try them? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments.